YOUR OPINION: Thank you from the Tupelo/Lee County Hunger Coalition

By: Daily Journal

The Tupelo/Lee County Hunger Coalition would like to express its deepest appreciation for the response of this community to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the first few days of receiving word that our schools would have to close, our community responded in a matter of hours. Overnight, our friends and partner organizations sprang into action and were setup in neighborhoods to distribute meals or food boxes to food insecure students and families. Without the hundreds of volunteers and the assistance from our church partners, we could not have met the demand. These volunteers sacrificed their own health and safety to come to the rescue of students and families that would have otherwise worried about their next meal.

We also want to thank the dozens of companies, organizations, and individuals that have financially contributed to the Send-A-Meal program or provided in-kind donations of products and services. We have a very generous community, that steps up and acts.

Finally, we applaud the leadership within our school districts for remaining flexible and continuing to support our students with meals. Oftentimes the only nutritious meal that some children receive are those provided by the food at their school.

Thank you for making a difference in our community at a time when it’s most needed!

Jason Martin

Executive Director

Tupelo/Lee County Hunger Coalition